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Internet Security 2010

Ironically, this post follows my Tools I Use: Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware post.

It is the first incurable bastard I have picked up on one of my own machines (actually a work machine) and had to take the machine to support, who solved it by wiping the machine and ruining my digital life at work. Support insisted it was spyware, where I still insist it is a virus because it renders the machine unusable.

I wish I could have found the following link (http://www.virusremovalguru.com/?p=4918) on my Blackberry when it occurred, so I could have fixed it myself and not be stuck with this crappy new image (didn’t even have the right video drivers).

I had also picked it up earlier on a Virtual Machine. What both had in common was XP (better than Vista) and McAfee (better than nothing).

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